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Welcome to Malty Dog Brewery’s Online store.  As we ramp up to re-launch our beer, we’ve put our swag back on the market for everyone to enjoy.  All items available for sale are custom packaged when an order comes in. Please allow a week or two for processing.  Payment is through PayPal only until we actually open the brewery.

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All apparel is ordered upon purchase so give us a week or two to send them out. 

Sport Tek T-Shirt
Price: $20.00
Ladies Tank Top
Price: $20.00
Sport Tek Polo
Price: $45.00
Ladies T
Price: $20.00


Except for the Pale Ale, our recipes are secret.  We will however provide you with everything you need to brew an extract kit that duplicates our beer.  You get the extract and the same specialty grains and hops that are in our beers.  You'll also get a recipe that will show the hop schedule.  You won't know what you're adding, but it will be the same as ours!.  

All of our recipe ktis are custom packaged on order.  Please allow a week or so for processing.

Fortune Teller Stout
Price: $40.00
Gitchigoomie IPA
Price: $45.00
Malty Dog Pale Ale
Price: $35.00